Ulsoor Lake for the relaxing moment

Ulsoor Lake is for those who love nature

Ulsoor Lake isn’t a tourist destination. I wouldn’t recommend Ulsoor Lake to a hurried tourist at all. they can actually cover more interesting place in a time spent here. Bangalore has so many places to cater to the tourists like heritage buildings, museums, malls and lot more.

Motor Boats Ulsoor Lake
Motor Boats parked in Ulsoor Lake

I would recommend Ulsoor Lake for those who care for the nature, those who love walking in the lake side and those who want to relax with their family, friends or may be alone. And of course for those who want to indulge in photography.

Ulsoor Lake is certainly a place to visit and everybody has the right to do so. But with a responsibility of keeping it clean.

For those who are still confused, I am talking about a Lake which is many centuries old, which is at the heart of Bangalore city, a popular landmark!

No doubt, Ulsoor Lake is a must see place for any serious traveler. This lake is several centuries old, as old as Kempe Gowda period (Kempe Gowda is considered to be the founder of Bangalore). This lake has a rich history and has survived many odds.

Mini Island Ulsoor Lake
Mini Island Ulsoor Lake

The highlights of this lake are the mini-islands within the lake and the beautiful view of row boating makes it a great photography location.

Ulsoor Lake is one of my favorite locations in Bangalore; no doubt, here you will find more photographs and posts associated with this lake.

One thought on “Ulsoor Lake for the relaxing moment

  1. If I can help it, I like beginning my day with a walk around Ulsoor lake. I love coming here. There is something very exciting about the sheer range of activities that are going on at any one time around the lake. Walkers, joggers, people exercising on the open gym, fishing, rowing. I love the names painted on the tree islands. Pasina ganj and others 😀

    Ulsoor is a much needed space in a city like Bangalore. I do wish people wouldn’t litter though.

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