Maggi Noodles, Branded Foods and Fruits

I consumed Maggi Noodles for more than a decade

I had been a fan of Maggi Noodles from many decades. My six year old daughter loves it too. We don’t know how many thousands of packets of Maggi Noodle we have consumed so far. Today, we wouldn’t consume it even if somebody offers us money. I really wonder what made that person to test the Maggi samples. Now the entire nation has stopped consuming it.

The government, both central and state, have tested random Maggi noodle samples and found out above permissible levels of MSG (monosodium glutamate) which isn’t safe for human beings. So no Maggi noodle in our kitchen, what is the alternative then?

There are other unsafe food products in the market

There are many instant noodles in the market, branded, but we are not going to trust anybody anymore. Thanks to the food safety authorities who are on the testing spree, they have found a hell lot of products with poisonous contents in it.

I would suggest that the food safety department should test all the branded and unbranded foods and ban them if found not fit for human consumption.

For a while I thought, we have to stick to homemade foods and fruit diet. The next day, there was this news about the artificially ripened fruits. I was quit shaken after I read it and I am in search of organic fruit store now.

Ripe Mangoes
Organically Ripe Mangoes

Even the fruits are adulterated

Almost all the fruits in the market are adulterated. They are artificially ripened and made to look good using deadly chemicals. The mangoes are ripened in the dark rooms amidst calcium carbide sachets, watermelons are injected with erythrosine to give a darker red hue while the highly susceptible grapes are first subject to excessive pesticide spraying and then ripened by highly concentrated chemicals. There might be fruits which are not gone through these processes, but how to pick them from the lot?

Cut Fruits
Will the street vendors be particular about organically ripened fruits?

According to the news article in Times of India, it is the middlemen (traders) who usually involve in artificially ripening of fruits to gain profits. There’s no control over this. Though the government takes actions occasionally, these activities go unnoticed. The end customers are the ones who suffer from various diseases.

Fruits are artificially ripened in the dark rooms

Artificial ripening of fruit is done to make profit in the ever demanding market. Those who indulge in these types of activities should be treated as criminals and put in the jail.

How do they ripen the pomegranate? How do you pick the right one?

How many of us know that the fruits like mango, papaya, chikoo and banana are artificially ripened using the calcium carbide powder? Did we know that the grapes are dipped in highly concentrated ethylene to ripen it?

I have seen a video in which a person injects a red dye called erythrosine into watermelon to enhance its colors. The chemical is known to affect the thyroid and cause hyperactivity among kids.

Sweet Corn
All fruits and vegetables should be washed in flowing water – including sweet corn

All varieties of apples are given wax coating to enhance their shelf life and look prettier. The wax may not be of food grade, it is harmful when consumed…

Fearing all these, can we go without fruits? Where do I buy the fruits which are not artificially ripened, which are chemical free, which are safer to consume? It is frightening to think about it. Event the multi-millionaire in an ultra star hotel will be consuming these fruits. He wouldn’t know if the fruits were artificially ripened using cancer causing chemicals.

Washing the fruits

Now, that we cannot do without fruits, let us take some caution before consuming it. Try to buy fruits from organic shops but still there is no guarantee. Wash the fruits in running water and consider rinsing it using vinegar, baking powder or salt. Use soft brushes to scrub the fruits to remove wax coatings and hard to rinse chemicals. Avoid eating fruits on the roadsides.

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