Guava sellers in Bangalore

Guava seller in Shivajinagar

Be it for shopping, food or religious activity, Shivajinagar is one of the happening places in Bangalore. Especially the surroundings of St. Basilica and the Russell Market are packed with people during the peak hours. It’s business all the time here. This image of Guava seller was captured right in front of the St. Basilica, Shivajinagar.

Guava Seller near St. Basilica Church,

Guava is a wonder fruit; it is good for our digestive system. But eating too many guavas isn’t a good idea.

Guava Close-up shot

Guava Image

This is a close-up shot of guavas from the same seller as above. These guavas were selling anywhere between Rs. 5 – 10 per piece. I wonder how much these guys make a day by selling guavas.

Guava cut into star shape

Cut Guavas
Cut Guavas

This image of a guava cut into star shape was captured in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens during the mango fair. The annual Lalbagh Mango Fair was held in the month of May-June 2015.

Selling Guava


There are different varieties of guava in different sizes and inside colors (white or red). But people who buy usually go by the size of Guava and never bother about its variety. The seller cut the guavas in different shapes in order to show the inside of it to the customer. I usually prefer the unripe guava with white color inside. And of course, the seeds should be tender and chewable.

3 thoughts on “Guava sellers in Bangalore

  1. Why is eating too many guavas not a good idea? I eat a lot of guava everyday. It is in fact my favorite fruit. Were you trying to say that bowel movements might go on overdrive if you consume too much? 🙂

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    • Hey Gm, it depends upon person to person. One of my relative, who is aged, suffered pneumonia after eating too many guavas for many days. She ended up spending more than a lakh for her treatment in Chinmaya.


      • Oh I see. Yes, it can cause sore throat. It’s just that I eat a lot of guavas so was concerned. Perhaps her immunity was weak due to age, but that was quite a hospital bill! Hope she is better.


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