Sweet Corn cooked in coal fire

Sweet Corn – Lalbagh Gardens

Sweet Corn is one of my favorite vegetable or rather a fruit if you call it so. Did you know that cooked sweet corn increases levels of ferulic acid, which has anti-cancer properties? I read it in Wikipedia.

Sweet Corn Coal Fire
Sweet Corn Coal Fire

Sweet Corn sellers are common in Bangalore. Be it in Cubbon Park or Lalbagh Gardens, you will find couple of them. Continue reading

Watermelon cut into beautiful pieces

Watermelon at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

The sight of watermelons is common during the summer. It is one of the best summer fruit to hydrate our body.

Water Melon
Water Melon pieces

I liked the way this watermelon is cut and displayed. It surely will attract people. But try it only if you are used to or else it’s better to buy a one full watermelon, take it home, cut into pieces, and eat it.

Lalbagh Mango and Jack-fruit Fair 2015

Mangoes everywhere in Lalbagh

It was more of mango than jackfruit in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. I saw about 4-5 jack fruits displayed but it was mango which occupied the majority space in the garden.

Lalbagh Mangoe Display
Lalbagh Mangoe Display

The special about this “Mango Fare” is that the mango displayed and sold here are grown organically and it’s not ripened artificially. In short, the fruits were chemical free. Continue reading